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Mosscape unites people’s innate desires for nature’s beauty through quality customised biophilic interior designs. Our creations take commercial and residential spaces to the next level of soothing, ethereal beauty.

With our award-winning experience in the area of green interior solutions, we are able to offer you a variety of options in artificial or preserved walls and vertical gardens. This allows us the ability to help you transform your home and office into a personal healing haven.

Infusing the freshness and vitality of nature into your daily life is our goal. We do this by taking inspiration from nature to bring ordinary spaces to invigorating life through our innovative installations.

If you love nature, you will surely be ready for a green biophilic Mosscape installation. Let us help you create your natural sanctuary to boost happiness and productivity.

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Biophilic Design Innovators

Biophilic designs originate from a concept that invites natural elements (such as sunlight, breeze and, more importantly, natural green landscape and plants) into a building. This has been proven to increase creativity, boost productivity, improve health and encourage a positive environment.

Mosscape’s natural and preserved green walls and vertical gardens serve as classy and innovative biophilic design ideas for all types of interiors.

Freshen your lobby, brighten up your kitchen, naturalise your bedroom & purify your surroundings.

Mosscape has helped enhance hundreds of offices and homes as a top biophilic interior design provider in Singapore. Workspaces with our biophilic interior designs have experienced improvement in their efficiency, teamwork and overall production. Living spaces have transformed into welcoming homes with better relationships, health and wellness. We are winners of the Best Decor Award for Nook Asia and the Gold Award for Singapore Garden Festival. Mosscape’s superior craftsmanship continues to shine and alleviate spaces all around the city.

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