What is preserved moss?

Mosses are small plants, usually found in damp or shady locations. Preserved moss is natural moss that is no longer alive and has been carefully preserved for decorative purposes through an eco-friendly process.

Apart from adding a pop of green to the décor, it enhances the liveliness of the ambience with its intense natural energy.

What is the difference between preserved moss and dried moss?

People sometimes find it difficult to distinguish between preserved natural moss and dried moss. The following points make it amply clear:

  • Used for interior décor.
  • May come affixed on a panel or board or is available in loose pieces too.
  • Does not grow back.
  • Requires no maintenance – there is no need for soil, sunlight, fertilizer, etc.
  • Used in gardens for horticultural purposes
  • Usually sold and priced based on weight
  • Can be revived by rehydrating it – with the right amount of moisture, it can grow into a new plant!

What is the lifespan of preserved natural moss?

Though preserved moss cannot be reclaimed, it retains its natural appearance (color, texture and shape) for a considerable time span. On an average, it lasts 2-5 years; a sensible investment by any reckoning.

How to decorate with it?

A lot of creative botanical designs are possible, limited only by our imagination or ingenuity.

Moss walls and signs, garden art (using flat moss), geometric objects, abstract patterns and shapes of the different constellations are popular design possibilities that can spruce up your spaces.

Find out how you can use preserved natural moss to liven up your living or workspace today!