Attractive Indoor Green Wall Plants Installation for Small Spaces

Attractive Indoor Green Wall Plants Installation for Small Spaces

Small space? No problem!

A lovely and innovative trend has emerged for indoor decoration. Even if your space is a small one, indoor green wall plants can refresh it within no time!

Vertical indoor green walls and plants are not only soothing to look at but also simple to install and easy to maintain.

The beauty of preserved plants, flowers and foliage

For your indoor green wall plants set-up, you may choose to use artificial plants or real, preserved ones. A plant treated with glycerin and stabilizers to maintain the appearance and texture of fresh plants is known as a preserved plant. Artificial plants, on the other hand, are made of polyester, nylon or plastic.

Preserved plants for indoor green walls are more beautiful, ecological and unique than traditional artificial installations. Additionally, you can select from an array of stunning moss, flowers, foliage or plants.

Case study: A preserved green wall at the entrance of public washroom

Jewel Changi Airport required an indoor green wall plants installation in their public washrooms*. It was not possible to use live plants due to the inability to install water or drainage pipes in that location. The client also preferred not to have any artificial plants.

The result: We created an aesthetically pleasing, natural preserved green wall with floral detailing in the toilet area.

“The preserved florals featured wall installed by Shannon and team is pleasing to the eye and has positively contributed to the overall indoor experience.

During the installation period, the team was cooperative with the building/ renovation requirements and is still helpful with minor rectifications/touch-ups after project completion. I appreciate their good workmanship and post-completion service.”

Diana Hioe
Manager, User Experience, Jewel Changi Airport

Bring small indoor spaces to life with indoor green wall plants in Singapore

With many years of experience in supplying green walls, and as nature lovers ourselves, Mosscape can deliver to you the best of these green masterpieces. Transforming pockets of spaces into more lively and soothing settings for everyone!

Looking for indoor preserved green wall or plants for your small indoor space?

* A friendly reminder: It’s important to keep humidity low in the washroom as a moist and humid environment would encourage mold growth on preserved green walls.