How to Choose and Maintain Indoor Trees for Your Space

Indoor trees for interior design

How to Choose and Maintain Indoor Trees for Your Space

Decorating indoor spaces with ornamental preserved trees

Spotting gorgeous preserved indoor trees right in the middle of a mall or someone’s living room is delightful!

Each year, we see lovely new designs and tree varieties entering the market. Today, you may choose from a variety of large and small preserved ornamental trees to decorate your indoor space. There are graceful Palms, Jumbo Juniperus, Nicoly, Conifers, and even adorable Bonsais to suit any living or commercial space.

Choosing and maintaining the right preserved tree

When you are selecting preserved trees for your space, there are a few things you must keep in mind. First of course, is the size. The bigger your space, the larger the trees that will suit that. But this does not mean that every large space should have a big preserved tree installation. A group of Bonsais in a corner can be just as charming!

If you’re looking for minimalistic decor, choose a light and wispy Gynerium. The Thuja Topiary is generous on top but has a narrow base and is ideal for spaces with limited ground areas. If you wish to decorate with some denser foliage, the Slim Tenuifolium is perfect. Another option is the Nicoly breed of trees that are ideal for wild, colourful decor installations.

Preserved trees and live ones

Modern preserved ornamental trees are treated with a non-toxic solution that keeps the trees looking fresh and alive. They require no water, sunlight or pruning.

Unlike real trees, there is no danger of tree roots damaging your surrounding structures. In fact, trees such as Conifers have wide spreading roots that can grow for miles around, looking for resources! But when they are preserved, there is no danger!

Hence, preserved trees offer the joys of real trees such as infusing positivity and creating a refreshing environment. They last long and require minimal fuss as indoor trees.

Are you considering getting some preserved indoor trees installed? Let our experts at Mosscape show you the wide range of small and large preserved ornamental trees that can fit your decor needs.