Differences Between Dried and Preserved Flowers

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Differences Between Dried and Preserved Flowers

Understanding the difference between dried and preserved flowers is very important if you want to know what flowers you should buy right now as home or office decor. The truth is that you have various options on the market, each one with its own set of pros and cons. You might then wonder: should you buy both dried and preserved flowers in Singapore or stick to only one option? Let’s find out!

Dried flowers

While there are a variety of ways to immortalise flowers, drying them is the simplest and less expensive option. You only have to hang them upside down in an area with excellent ventilation and without any moisture. After the flowers are all dry, they must go through multiple settings and colouration treatments. The main idea here is to try and bring in that original appearance they had in the beginning.

Dried flowers bouquet

With that in mind, you can dry many flowers naturally. Of course, they lose some of their original colours, but they do retain a rustic, very appealing style and vibe – catching the attention of many people.

How long can dried flowers last? That depends on several factors like exposure to heat and sunlight, but generally, it’s anywhere between nine months to a year. However, be mindful that even if the decay is slowed down, it doesn’t mean it’s fully eliminated. Around the one year mark, these flowers will lose their colouring and their petals either fall or break.

Preserved flowers

The main difference between dried and preserved flowers is the fact that preserved flowers use a more comprehensive technique. First, flowers are placed in a glycerin mixture when still blooming, which prevents the flowers from drying out. Glycerin replaces the water in your flower so that the flower would not wither off. The texture, blooms and leaves will remain the same, while the flower will feel more flexible, even quite rubbery.

Preserved flowers in a framed moss art

There is a downside here, and that’s the fact that the colour of your flower will fade in time. That’s why preserved flowers usually have dyes or food colouring to maintain the appearance and boost the colour of those flowers. Glycerin treatments are quite expensive, but the benefit is that preserved flowers can last for many years, maybe 3-4 or even more. Even if you use these as home or office decor, you still want them to last as long as possible.

Why should you choose dried and preserved flowers?

No one wants to buy flowers that last a few days, maybe a week or two at most. Dried or preserved flowers are a more appealing gift – they last for a very long time and can show your enduring appreciation towards that person. They also make for a great home or office decor – bringing bright and cheery vibes into these spaces.

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