How Our Biophilic Green Office Decor Transformed A Bank

How Our Biophilic Green Office Decor Transformed A Bank

What exactly is green office decor?

Biophilic green office decor is exactly what it sounds, and something way better! It refers to an innovative interior design concept that incorporates natural elements such as sunlight, breeze, green plants, moss or landscape.

Modern biophilic design installations cleverly merge naturally stunning pieces into an office or commercial space to produce amazing results. There are a host of green ideas that can elevate a regular office space into a magnificent work environment using artificial or preserved plants or moss walls, indoor lawns and majestic planters.

Advantages of green office decor in the workplace

Green office decor is not only pleasing to the eye, but it is known to improve productivity and create a beautifully positive environment, for employees and visitors.

It motivates employees and soothes stressed individuals, even if they are around the green decor for a few minutes or hours.

Brighten up the waiting area or lobby of any commercial establishment. Liven up a dreary nook in homes or give the kitchen a fresh, hospitable feel with some intricate moss art.

Banking on the greens

The Client’s Needs

A bank wanted to add a welcoming touch in a visible spot behind the teller counter. Their limitations were that they could not install irrigation systems within their premises nor could they put up bright grow lights.

The Solution

Mosscape offered the solution of naturally preserved green walls that did not require any soil, watering or light. Their fresh and majestic appearance caused customers to walk in with smiles! In turn, the bank employees were overjoyed.

Looking for indoor green office decor for your commercial space? Want to know more about office wall design ideas that can transform your professional set-up?