Spruce Up the Interior with Indoor Green Wall

Spruce Up the Interior with Indoor Green Wall

Indoor green walls can easily lend a rich, natural look and fresh ambience to any room.

A green wall can be set up both indoors and outdoors. Although nowadays it has become a trend to set up decorative green walls within premises.

What are green walls?

Green walls, also known as vertical gardens, are vertical constructions made of a growth medium, watering system and a fertilization method. They are able to support the growth of varieties of grass, plants, and vegetables.

Preserved indoor green walls

Due to limited sunlight in an indoor setting, many indoor green walls use preserved natural plants and mosses. The preservation process, which uses a natural sap, gives these plants a bright and fresh look.

This results in a stunning wall decoration that lasts for years. Also, it’s quicker and easier to install an indoor green wall of preserved plants or moss instead of the non preserved kind. Plants that can be preserved include moss, certain trees, flowering plants, ferns and foliage.

The best choice for indoor green walls in Singapore

Mosscape specialises in using preserved nature to transform plain looking rooms into lively spaces. We work with clients through a collaborative approach to understand their needs, preferences and budget.

Looking for an indoor green wall to spruce your villa or office?