Must be Japanese

From ancient times, Japanese people loved and respected nature and plants in the four seasons. They knew that forests, fields, and people’s lives were all connected. We don’t just go back to the old days, but in our current way, a little freer. I think we need to think about that.

Plants and Us

Plants and our daily life are an integral part
of a constantand our lives are one and the same.

We are always thinking about this,
We believe that plants should be
incorporated into our daily lives
We believe that plants are an integral
part of our daily life.

Because plants are connected to
the forests and fields of the earth.

To express the beauty of plants.


Be in awe of plants


People think about the relationship
between plants and people.

Our products are designed to convey the beauty of plants to the fullest extent。We believe that this is an important moment that will trigger many people’s thinking about the relationship between plants and people.

Next Generation
and Plants

Our dream of our children’s world of the future will be a world with a deeper understanding of the beauty of plants, their roles and their relationship with people.

We want them to understand the wonders of nature before the seriousness of the natural environment.

That’s why, we think it’s important to make products that children also say ‘Wow!’

Things to be returned
to the soil

For plants, soil is a very important element. We use only materials that can be returned to the soil and use them as compost, and use it on our own farms.

The soil is not only for the plants, but also for us through the forests and fields.

rules we imposed on our products

  1. We do not make products that do not make children smile and say, ʻWow!ʼ We believe that our products must surprise not only theoretically but also purely children. Because children surprise only the truly beauty of nature.
  2. We only use the materials that can be returned to the soil,and the products are designed to protect plants, forests, and fields.
  3. If there is a burden to anyone involved in the production of Re-Earth’s products, including those who grow, distribute, sell the plants, and customer, it should be improved as much as possible.
  4. we respect plants and do not create products that reduce their value.The reason we care about quality is not only the value of the product, but also the value of the plant itself.
  5. We ourselves make the utmost effort, but we also want the work to be enjoyable for all involved. This is because we believe that good products can only ever come from work that is intrinsically enjoyable.

The beauty of plant formations and
natural scenery

The series expresses the beauty of plant
formations in each frame. Each series
represents one natural scenery.
Because the plant is connected to nature,
it is connected to the natural scenery.

Deep forest


Biophilic Design Singapore 2

The series is a collection of forest trees and leaves of plants, as is the image of a Deep forest.The design expresses the characteristics of the leaves of each plant. Like a bird’s-eye view of the forest, Each frame has a presence that seems to suck you in.



Biophilic Design Singapore 1

Earth colours and scents that remain in their natural state, such as cinnamon and, By matching plants with soft shades of green, reminiscent of meadows, the series seems to condense the colours and textures of plants on earth.

Silent Night


Biophilic Design Singapore 4

A series of plants collected mainly in grey, which gives the impression of night-like tranquillity. By the combination of the dyeing technique on plants and dried flowers in colours like iron, yhe balance of colours and shapes of the plants creates a sense of calmness in various spaces.



Biophilic Design Singapore 3

The plants in this series have been ‘whitened’. The beauty of plants lies in their shape. The series tells us that the beauty of plants lies also in their shape. At the same time, a fantastic atmosphere can be felt.

Product Dimension

I con desginer

Hiroyuki Oka

In July 2013, he published his first solo book “HiroyukiOka MONOGRAPH” from Stiching Kunstboek, a Belgian publishing house, which led to the publication of his work in the book “International Floral Art 0809”. In this book, he introduced the design concept of “arranging vegetables, which are familiar plants,” which he had been developing for 5 years in order to attract people who do not usually come into contact with flowers to the fascination and individuality of plants. The book has since been featured several times in European media and has received high praise both domestically and internationally. He won the “Silver Leaf Award” in the international floral competition “International Floral Art 0708”.

in Japan

Our preserved flowers has highest grade of resistance to light, Insect proof and leakage prevention by 60 years of technological development we continuing.

At especially preserved greenery, We have realised strength against light is in accordance with Japanese industrial standard grade 3 or higher.

The importance of
our Water and Air

At our factory, water treatment is not left to others,
we have installed our own bio-water treatment
plant. We ensure that water that meets Japan’s
strict water quality standards is discharged outside
the plant.

We have also installed equipment to
combat air pollution, which is also important
for the natural environment.

Quality control

When plants are used as
products, one of difficulties
is quality control.

As quality varies with the
season and harvest location,
each product is rigorously
checked by Japanese staff.