Green Restoration/Maintenance

Our maintenance teams perform visits to large commercial installations for checks and adjustment (if needed). We ensure your artificial or preserved moss walls and plants, foliage or flower installations are kept looking fresh and new all year round.

For damaged or older installations, we provide restoration and replacement work to maintain the aesthetics and good will of your restaurant, mall, hotel or office. Continue reaping the benefits of your green installations with our expert maintenance and restoration.

How to Best Maintain Your Indoor Mosscape Plants, Flower and Moss Installations

  • Keep your flowers and plants indoors and out of direct sunlight for maximum preservation and longer shelf-life.
  • Position your installations in well-ventilated, indoor spaces.
  • Preserved flowers and plants are sensitive to high humidity; avoid exposing them to humidity above 80%. Air-conditioned areas are preferred.
  • Preserved flowers and plants are extremely sensitive to moisture; it is important that you do not water them or place them in water. However, you can mist moss occasionally to keep them moist.
  • Dust the plants or flowers, once a week, with a feather, wool, or microfibre duster.